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Custom Christmas OrnamentLeave your Christmas tree as beautiful as possible with the face of your pet.Then just wait for Santa! Ho ho ho!

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THIS ITEM IS NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE The sweetheart of spring has daisies to give and to sell!A premium fabric product to brighten up any look.

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A party of macaws flying!Bandana in fine fabric and applications of pompoms to brighten any look.

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Classic orange plaid fabric is the embodiment of gentleness.Cheerful, friendly and never goes out of style! This bandana joins the best of both worlds: the versatility of the denim with the grace of the plaid. With a unique and exclusive design, it's double faced and can be used in 3 ways, giving innumerable possibilities for your dog's look.

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One of the most beautiful kinds of love is that one between a dog and his/her owner.How about showing that you love and are loved with this bandana? When Cupid flashed your hearts, he knew you were forever!

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The Pingos collar is fun and offers a cool air to your dog. And if you want some more formality, the bow tie comes together.Pingos (drops) is synonymous with water, mud and everything your dog loves! :P

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3,14 € 8,09 € Tax excluded

"My name is Bond, James Bond." ^^This bow tie is THE original, the first of our The Black Tie Club line. It's perfect to create a sophisticated look in 1 minute!

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What is a perfect match to denim?Classic blue and red plaid!This bandana is part of our Rebel Heart collection.

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Completely customized denim bandana with patch, metal tack and upcycled denim scrap.It's handmade frayed and is one more item part of our Rebel Heart collection. To buy the duo of bandanas: CLICK HERE

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The wait is over. The first sweat Oh, Pets! was created to be unlike any you've ever seen.With removable part, your dog can use the piece according to the behavior on the day.Isn't it the coolest idea? : D*Good Gurl print available for girls.

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Postcard to someone you like.

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"My name is Bond, James Bond." ^^This hair clip is THE original, the first of our The Black Tie Club line. It's perfect to create a sophisticated look in 1 minute!

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