Custom Illustration - Pop Art Style

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Digital Illustration inspired by Pop Art, printed on canvas.

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How about a little bit of color on your wall?

Pop Art became popular in the 50's, with Andy Warhol as its main artist. It is cheerful, made with vibrant colors and a unique way of painting, leaving some "imperfections" designedly in the image.

What I will need to make this wonderful art for you:
After confirming the purchase of this item, please send the following things to 
• reference photos of your pet, in high quality and good lighting. (the better the picture, more I can see details)
• colors preference
• if you want a background texture or not (look at the 3rd picture) 

What you will receive:
• The illustration printed on vinyl canvas.
• Love, affection and dedication also go along! ;)

This is sent in a cardboard tube, with no possibility of damage.


- The frame is not included.

Deadline for posting: I'll start the illustration after the confirmation of payment and receipt of your e-mail with the requested information to make it, taking up to 5 business days to be completed.

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