When I was a little girl, I was terrified of dogs until getting Klaus, my first and only dog (so far). He was responsible for showing me what most of you already know: dogs are amazing!

Since then, I've dreamt of the day that no animal is mistreated and that all of them have a family, because what they want most is a human to give and receive love back. That animals are treated like a part of the family and not only decor or a mere gift for the kids. I dream of the day that adoption will be more common than shopping and irresponsible breeders are arrested.

~ You may say I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one.

Caring about animal welfare and with the intention to strengthen this link between humans and animalsis why I put all of my creativity in Oh, Pets!

A brand designed with care and love that (will) sells clothing, accessories, decor and stationery for dogs and people crazy about dogs. Cats are welcome too, right? :)

And, I hope, very soon, to reverse part of the income collected for institutions that rescue and take care of abandoned animals. I was a volunteer at some (I traveled to Thailand moved by this experience) and I have a giant respect for these places.

Our hashtag on social networks is #teamohpets


Crazy nº 1

If I start watching videos of cute little animals, that's how I'll spend my entire day.”

Since I was a child, I was into creative and artistic area. Also I loved to write and almost went to Journalism or Law School.

But from the top of my ~ teen wisdom, ~ when I was 16, I decided to go to Fashion School. One semester after graduation, I wanted to start Graphic Design School.

I spent almost seven years dedicating myself to the women's accessories market until my mother asked me one day: "Don’t you love dogs? Why not work on something for them?"

That was when the light switch flipped on and the idea started to grow. During 2014 vacations, I took a quick course in Pets Accessories at Fashion Institute of Technology, in New York, and this was the first step towards pet’s fashion.

I was born in Rio de Janeiro - Brasil and, since 2015, I live in Portugal.

Travel, accents, series and cooking complete the list of my passions.


Already mentioned above, he was my one and only canine love. 

He was a Canadian Shepherd, too big for the standards, a BIG DOG in all caps. In 13 years, the only one who could take him for walks was my father, because he would pull the leash so hard.

But what he had in size, he also had in tenderness. I swear by all that is holy that I never saw a sweeter dog than him. He used to come all clumsy to embrace us - stepping on our feet and slamming his tail at everything - with affection and was always ready to give us company and to play with us. Putting his toy (all dirty in saliva and ground) in the middle of the circle or kidnapping mine, returning them full of punctures in the whole body.

The logo Oh, Pets! was created thinking of him. It was because of his ears - only the right one was able to rise - and his giant nose, that we affectionately called "meatball".

Klaus is the soul of the brand, and, wherever he is resting, I hope he is very proud of me. <3

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