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Oh, Pets! features Rebel Heart, its first collection on the go.

When I started this brand project for pets and pet lovers, I wanted to create something with more meaning and not simple products. Something that made sense to customers and told a story.

Coincidentally, the first material that came to my hands came full of stories: denim scraps, which in the garbage would do much damage. So to minimize the impact on the environment and make a new story of the old, I thought "why not recycle?"

Rebel Heart has the denim as its democratic raw material and structures itself on the free spirit that all dogs have or should at least have.

Although dogs are taught and trained, they still do what they want because they are...dogs!

The "rebel heart" is the one that rises on the couch when we don’t leave, the one who jumps on the guests as a form of hug, the one who destroys our house to get attention or runs off through the park when we least expect...

But even so, we love them and we find grace! Because it’s this rebelliousness that makes us smile and brings us the best stories.

Denim, blue, upcycling, frayed, freedom, rebellion, youth. They are all keywords.

It's all 100% handmade and made by just one pair of hands.

It's a collection with no end-date, as new ideas can turn into new products, which is added to the shop under the tag Rebel Heart.

Therefore, rebel dogs and humans, you’re always welcome here!

To know the products, CLICK HERE.

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