How Oh, Pets! was created?

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What if I told you I didn't like dogs? Would you believe?

We don't like what we fear and horror was the name of what I felt every time I saw one. My little hands were sweating, my heart raced and I climbed on anything just to get away of them, even if it was a helpless puppy.

I don't know how it happened but when I was 7, I woke up with the desire to have a dog. I asked my mom, she didn't let me. I asked my dad, he arranged to go with me to look for one, hiding from her. Yes! : D

In a night of heavy rain, we brought Klaus home. My mom was stubborn but couldn't resist to that soft whiteness and agreed to stay with him. (Obviously, she felt in love that very first night too.)

E quem resistiria?

In the first days, my sudden courage went down when he started running after me to play and I cried to put him awaybecause he would attack me (!). To know more about Klaus, click here.

But it didn't take too long for Klaus showing me that dogs are made of love, joy and companionship and that I didn't have to fear him. The trust has established and as I grew older, I opened my heart and my arms to all dogs that passed through my life - from my friends's dogs to pooches on the street.

I understood that they are born as children: defenseless, innocent and dependent on our care, affection and attention.

And I think it's so amazing that four-legged animals and considered irrational are able to guide the blind, rescue, save and rehabilitate lives, fill the lack of a friend, cure depression, being extremely loyal and most importantly, they love unconditionally. And what can we do for them in return for all this?

Today, what I feel for dogs is more than love. Just by thinking of them, a warm wave invades my body and turns into a smile and tears of joy. And I couldn't be immune to it.

After moving to Portugal and questioning my professional life, I came to the conclusion that working for them would be what would bring shine to my path. I researched, designed and created the first products Oh, Pets! with the intention to enter that market and gradually try this new direction.

I start slowly with some stationery but with clothes and accessories, I plan to wear dogs, cats and passionate owners with style and irreverence.

In addition to the online store, the site will also have a blog (of course!) where I'll post texts related to the pet world, my experiences as a volunteer in shelters and encouraging the adoption and sterilization, as important issues for the health of our animals.

I hope this relationship that is just beginning, between Oh, Pets! and you, endure and become a beautiful friendship, as it was with Klaus and me. <3

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